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XF 1.4 Avatar BUG Help

I want to change my avatar, but it only removes to to the old Avatar? I made one change i think it can be the problem but i dont know, i moved my Forum into a /forum ornder, before it was only /www

Cause of my bad english i have some screenshots for you:

And no it has nothing to do with Minecraft Avatars ^^ I had disabled it and i get the same problem.

So it dosent changed anythink new Users cant pick a Avatar it only keep empty.

Thanks for your help!

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Make sure your /data and /install_data directories and all files/directories underneath are 777 permission (or at least such that the HTTP server has read/write permissions to them).

If this is a shared hosting environment, you need to contact them. It may be a mod_security issue.