Automatically logged out on when viewing certain thread


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I was hoping someone could help me with this issue.

My board does a 'picture of the month' type thread and this months had just been created. I instantly got a lot of responses from my members that when they try to view the thread they are instantly logged out, so any action they do (like vote, etc...) comes up with the error "You must be logged in to do that". A similar error had occurred RIGHT after we converted from phpBB3 in a different thread with only 4 pictures in it. I searched for a response but just ended up locking that thread. Now that its happened again I need to get to the bottom of it.

The first post in the thread is a poll with ~10 options, and the first post contains links to ~10 images put there as attachments.

This is happening to me as well using the super-admin account. Since I am logged out instantly when viewing the page I am not able to really 'look' at the posts, etc.... I could manually save my cookies and restore them after they get cleared or whatever is happening, but would rather just find out what is wrong with the software or if its something I am doing (maybe a configuration setting somewhere I'm missing or some kind of anti-something feature?)

Thanks for any help you can offer, I'm willing to work through this. The site is not public, so I can't give the URL to the offending post.


(EDIT) Using 1.1.3 btw

Jake Bunce

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If you PM me the URL then I can take a look. If I can reproduce the problem myself then I can probably fix it.