XF 1.5 When viewing disucssion from email am forced to log in

leslie dow

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I've noticed that lately when a user clicks on the "view this thread" button in a post notification email, and they are already logged in, they are asked to log in again, or if two-part verification is enabled, are often asked to provide this even though the IP address has not changed and the "remember this device for a month" has been ticked.

to be clear since its early here and I am partially caffeinate.
1) user is logged in to the forum
2) user receives an email notification that a watched thread has been posted
3) user clicks on the "view this thread": button in the email
4) user is presented with a new forum page indicating they are not logged in, and if two-factor is enabled they are sent a new code and must enter it before they can view the thread. This is a user who is logged in and actively viewing/posting in another browser page.

I am using Cloudflare. Any ideas on this one?


Jake B.

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It could be www vs non-www, or http vs https. You might want to force either www or non-www and http or https by redirecting the others with a 301 to the correct URL, and making sure your Board URL matches