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Automatic URL Aliases - Automatic URL conversion



I'm very happy that i'm allowed to release an add-on which was coded for http://www.planet-liebe.de/

This add-on will convert posted URL into it's page title autoMAGICly on your board.

Demo: http://ragtek.org/xenforo/threads/automatic-url-aliases-automatic-url-conversion.398/

www.ragtek.org/xenforo will be converted autoMAGICLY
to => ragtek's xenforo Add-ons


  • ragtek [Planet Liebe] Automatic URL Aliases - Automatic URL conversion_1.2.1_b_4_en-US.zip
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Thanks for this add-on ragtek.
I was expecting it in XenForo 1.1 core, but thanks you did it.



the not changing of http://foo.com is really a bug.
I've replaced a original xf file, that's why i wasn't able to reproduce this


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This is extremely promising for future installation... Nice ragtek.

One of those little missing features from the core SEO... nonetheless, here it is though.
Yeah would LOVE to port ALL of my content from the ol' vB 3.8 horsey, but GOTTA preserve that Google page 2 - 3 placement for my little site out of 3 million pages!
That means >no< broken links and searchengine-keyword-rich links. XF is doing great in autogenerating great keyword rich links without an add-on and that's a HUGE plus...
just gotta not have any broken links and have solid redirects of the ol' vB content with no 404's!