XF 1.5 Automatic thread prefix for reported posts

Wildcat Media

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When using the content reporting system, we can select reports to go to a specific forum area.

I installed an add-on called Mark Thread Done, which closes the thread and applies a prefix. Works well, even respecting the original thread prefix.

However, I really need the reporting system to assign a prefix to the new thread. Visually it is much easier for us to see which reports are unresolved and in addition, sorting by prefix is a great way to bring unresolved reports into one place.

Am I missing a setting that allows this? Setting a default and required thread prefix does nothing, since the reporting system bypasses the usual thread creation mechanism.

It can't be all that hard to do, can it? I could hard-code it into a template temporarily (since I know the prefix ID). Just don't know how/where to start, since I don't code anymore if I can help it.
We decided the lost features are not worth switching to creating a thread for each report. But it may be worth revisiting in the future. For the standard report system, if the report itself was more like a thread or private conversation (with the full editor, and the ability to paste in screenshots), was searchable, and was tied into the warning system a little more completely, it'd be perfect.
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