XF 1.2 Automatic Embeds


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Even with this option enabled, is it still possible to only have the link?

If I try [PLAIN][/PLAIN], it obviously only makes it text.


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If you have auto embed enabled then media URLs will auto embed.

If you just want links, disable auto embed.
Thanks, Brogan.

I do like auto-embedding, but I was thinking there might have been a BB code for those who like to make a list of YouTube videos, for example, just using links.

Chris D

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Use the URL bbcode, e.g insert them as links via the link button in the editor...

EDIT: wow. That embeds too.
Is there a place where we can set which links auto-embed? For example, I've seen some XenForo forums with auto-embedded Tweets but that doesn't appear to be the case by default.


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Media sites will generally auto embed (when linked to as a bare URL). There's no Twitter media site by default. I suspect there's a media site resource that will provide this.