Lack of interest Automatic Backup With 1-Click Upgrades

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I know there's already a suggestion of a database backup/restore here.

However, with the implementation of 1-click updates, I am proposing an option in between that will allow you to take a snapshot of both the database and core files (I don't think images/video/audio would be necessary but might be as they're stored in a different format... include them if not possible) so that if something goes wrong it is way more user friendly to revert to a backup that you know works than using command lines, as 1-click is intended.

The option to run a backup would obviously include where you want to store it as well (as I believe some have connected S3 accounts, etc. and a backup may make the database server/current host full if one is made—it would have to determine if there's enough space available). Further, it should have an option of when to discard the backup (1 day, 7 days, never...).

When this is implemented, it would also make sense to also have a backup/restoration from a directory/source so a snapshot can be taken at any time and restored at any time too.

(Unsure if it's been proposed to backup files for a restoration, but this bridges the two)
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