XF 1.5 Autoclose Tabs


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When hovering a navigation tab the dropdown menu stays open unless you click on the page somewhere. It should autoclose after your mouse quits hovering the tab. This is one our biggest complaints.

This is NOT a theme or third party add-on causing it... there is no support from anyone else available. It is a default action of XenForo. It happens here on this forum with these tabs. If you hover over the arrow the menu will drop down and it stays down until clicking somewhere on the page.

I would call this a bug myself, because it is about as aggravating as a gnat on a hot humid day down here in Alabama.

A developer told me that it might effect the way Androids and OS systems function on phone and tablets if it is changed, which seems odd because they require a click... hover does not work on those.

I see quite a few complaints about it, but no resolution. Is there not a setting or adjustment somewhere in the javascript code that can fix this?

Chris D

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Some styles may choose to have a different behaviour but generally this is as designed and therefore not a bug.

In XF2 we don't support hovering on menus at all so it is always an explicit click to activate it and a click to deactivate the menu.

This approach we've taken in XF2 seemingly won't be liked by you either, but if you look at most modern UIs on the web and even traditional UIs in most operating systems and applications you'll notice that generally menus are activated and deactivated with a click so there's really no logical reason to support hovering on menus at all.


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We don't have anyone that likes having to click to close it... so I can guarantee you they won't like having to click it twice.

I just quickly visited 3 vB forums that are pretty large and they hover and release... so I suppose this is an XF thing for whatever reasons.

UI.X did state that they get quite a few complaints about it, so they are looking at fixing it in their next release, so they may be our fix... or I suppose we will have to try to find someone who can fix it to work like we want it to work so that our members will be happy.

You guys should at least make it an option... it's apparently doable if other forum software can do it.