Lack of interest Auto Validation Updates fields if needed


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I have a request that could easily be implemented.

I would like it so that if a validation field uses something like &$title in _verifyTitle for Discussions. If you have & in there it should automatically update the text/textarea, radio, checkboxes and select/multiple selection with new values that represents them. If there is no &$title and just something like $value without the & then it would ignore the javascript update field...

For example:

    * Verifies that the discussion title is valid
    * @param string
    * @return boolean
    public function _verifyTitle(&$title)
        // TODO: send these to callbacks to allow hookability?
        switch ($this->getOption(self::OPTION_ADJUST_TITLE_CASE))
            case 'ucfirst': // sentence case
                $title = utf8_ucfirst(utf8_strtolower($title));
            case 'ucwords': // title case
                $title = utf8_ucwords(utf8_strtolower($title));
        return true;
I understand that the titles will update AFTER the thread has been submitted, I would like it to update at real time...

Otherwise I'll have to send ajax requests two time, one for validation and the other to change the values after the validation changes.