Auto ping new posts to google to get them indexed


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Dear Team,

Whats the way to make sure that when new threads are posted, they are automatically sent to google so google knows that it needs to be indexed?

Looks like in my forum, google does not index the new posts for a long time. My old posts are indexed.

Is there something like a pinger etc available for xenforo?

Many thanks

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Every two days, an XML Sitemap is automatically produced and Google and Bing are automatically pinged about that.

You can increase the frequency of the Cron if you wish, but it's likely unnecessary. Increasing the frequency won't necessarily make Google index you any faster, but the very presence of a sitemap and knowing it was recently updated should make the process for Googlebot and others a lot more efficient.


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What Chris said. Also if you send all new posts to Google immediately, Google's going to see every spam/bad post that slips through, it's good to have a small delay for your moderators to catch things.