Fixed  "Auto-Login" confusing / extremely noticable when facebook is down/having issues


When you load up the XF main forums, and you've no Session Cookie set, it seems that it calls off via Ajax to find out if you're logged in, and then refreshes the page.

While this is annoying, it's livable with (how many times I've gone to click login and then had it refresh before I got there to say I was logged in - I don't know).

However, when Facebook is down/having issues - this ajax request takes place AFTER

A video can explain it better. Once clicking the "Join the community" I did nothing till I ended the video recording.


XenForo developer
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I'm not sure how much we can do about it. The only way to know if you're logged into FB is via the JS API, which forces us to do a refresh. The refresh is being initiated after it has successfully contacted FB via the API (it sends an event to tell us that you're logged in), so it wouldn't happen if FB is actually down.

The only option I can think of would be to put up an overlay telling you that it's logging you in via FB.


Ah, I had presumed that the autologin on this was due to a cookie that wasnt PHPSESSID being picked up and transmitted back... Didn't realise it was due to facebook.