Authenticating Game Login using XenForo Account?


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Hello all,

I have been creating an online game. I would like to use XenForo as the register/login system. I would like to be able to have players login to the game client using their XenForo details. I can take care of the game programming but I am wondering if anything "special" needs to happen in order to authenticate an account. The game is written in Java.

I haven't yet looked at the php source code, but I figured I would go ahead and see what you guys think of such a system? Should I be worried about anything in particular? Can authenticating against the database cause any issues for the website?

Thank you!


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Thank you for the swift response!

I know this is possible, I am more so wondering if there are any precautions or warning that developers would have against it. Any do's and don'ts, etc. :)