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Hey there,

I'd like a custom Add-On that changes the default login and registration behaviour. I run a website that already lets the User register themself and 'd like them to only be able to log-in to the forums using that said account.

The Add-On should achieve the following:
  • Click on register -> Show informational page and a button that redirects you to the external register page
  • Click on login -> Get the Users input (Username and Password) and check it against two different tables on two different databases
    • Game DB
      • Table 'users' contains a column 'uuid' and 'lastKnownName'. Check username against lastKnownName and get that uuid record
    • Web DB
      • Table 'accounts' contains a column 'uuid' and 'password'. Check if the entered password matches that one inside the table (Hashed with salt using password_hash)
  • Show a custom page on account/security (XenForo change password tab) with a button that redirects the User towards the web portal. The user should still be able to change their 2FA settings.
  • The Game DB Table 'users' contains a column 'rank' with type enum. The Add-On should sync those entries and add the user to the same named XF-Group if it exists. It should also cache old group changes so that the user won't have multiple if their rank gets changed.
  • The Game DB Table 'users' contains a column 'isEnabled' of type boolean. If this is set to '0', the user should not be able to log-in.
Tables for better reference:
Please hit me up if you are interested in developing this add-on for us. Pricing should be included in your message.

Thanks everyone for reading - Have a blessed day!

Kind regards
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