Aussies, Kiwis and other assorted Down Unders....


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Hell yeah, the cream of xenforo users coming together, dynamite .... might crack a tinnie on the whole concept ;)

So are you planning a thread, a site, an ANZAC domination of the web?

... if you like Skip Hop, if you like zombie flicks, if you like musicals .... this summer the Hilltop Hoods present Parade of the Dead!



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Ignore the excessive boofheadedness people, he's not usually this boganesque.


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Well, which one is it? Personally I'm up for any of the 3 ;)

Well we could start with a thread.. and see where we get :p

If we need to bust out, I have a spare license or two LOL we could start our own forum.


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you lived here for a bit... that makes you an honourary Aussie ;)
:) I've been in Melbourne and Auckland too, and I've flown Qantas. Let's see, what else.... I know to call lipstick "Lippy" and presents "Pressies" and I've watched at least one episode of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. And I have a few Coogi sweaters, although I never really figured out whether people in Oz actually buy those sweaters. lol


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Can I be an honorary member?

I like barbies, snags and tinnies if that helps :D

And I had a job offer in New Zealand once...