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Im sorry if this is too much to ask, but any way we could get a Green version as well? I run a gaming website based on the xBox 360 and it would be perfect for me.
Also..i didn't find the logo psd in the psd folder attached to the OP..im assuming it doesn't come with one.. bummer lol
I'll be the first to admit, I am not very good with CSS, so I definitely have to ask for help with this.

I am running my site, it has both Blue Fluid and Red Fluid on it (options, haha), and now, I am wanting to change the background images to custom ones for each area....

Instead of having this here:

I would like to use my custom one for each...

Say, for a MLB category, use this:

I am not sure where exactly to begin with this. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks to both of you.... I'll be able to get started on this today. Appreciate the direction.
Just posting my appreciation for this theme (y)

Also unless I have made a custom edit that conflicts I would like to see Header drop down menues to be supported in a future release.
Thats very bad news, I would defiantly be asking for a discount or something
Sorry for posting about it here but incase you were not aware I thought it was the best thing to do, feel free to ask Brogan to delete or split)

No Problem. I will post back when the sites are up. After that probably we should remove the last few posts since they are not really related to the skin etc. Thanks for letting me know.
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