Other Audit & Code review services requested


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I am regularly coming across projects where code reviews / software audits are desired. Often a developer is considered or hired to create an addon, but the developers code quality/standards needs to be determined by a qualified party before hiring, or the addon software code needs to be reviewed.

Unfortunately I am not seeing such services offered in the Third party offers and services section. It would be nice to have such services available.


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To be more exact: for an audit to be of value it needs to be done by a certified senior developer(s) who has many years of experience.


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Certified in what, XenForo, PHP, MySQL, SEO, UI, Styles?
The usual certifications associated with LAMP software development: PHP, MySQL, CSS, JQuery.
I know that certification is not everything and can be seen as a drivers license. i.e. the person knows how to drive. Being a good driver comes after gaining a drivers license. With experience.
Senior, as in... old? :D
Senior as in experienced, having superior skills than a junior developer.


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I'm strangely curious to know how many XenForo addon devs are certified in any of those technologies. I've been a developer for 25 years, and I think I've only worked with maybe 3 people that had those types of certifications.

I'm also strangely curious to know if there are any of these devs out there willing to take money for this service.


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Those certifications mean nothing imho, what is important is the experience of the developers.

Iirc none of the XF developers (Mike, Kier and Chris) have any of those certifications but they are senior developers thanks to their experience (especially Mike and Kier) and their coding abilities are unquestionable.


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Well, developers with unquestionable coding abilities are welcome as well. The certifications requirement gives a good idea of where I am going with this.


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Are you actually requesting a developer with these credentials as you require one to audit code for your own site?

Or are you just suggesting that developers with those credentials should be offering the service?


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I am regularly encountering situations where the code of an addon developer needs to be audited by a paid developer.
This can be to
- audit a sample code, before hiring an addon developer.
- audit software when a project is delivered.