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Attitude Wrestling


New member
I moved away from vbulletin and wanted to start a new forum and I am finding xenforo is even better then vbulletin.

attitudewrestling.com is the new forum. still have a lot of work to do but I learning.


Well-known member
As a guy that runs a pretty active wrestling board, here are my suggestions:

I would personally put Smackdown, Main Event, NXT, Superstars, & the WWE Network in the same section. They won't ever get enough discussions to be worthy of their own sections.

WWE movies could be a prefix in the General WWE section, because same as last time.

TNA should just have one section too, because you won't get much discussion there either.

Find a new skin, because other than the domain & node names, it doesn't look like a wrestling site at all.

Good luck though! It's nice to see other wrestling boards on Xenforo.


New member
I just talk to hostgator and they ran a test on the sever ip address and the domain and neither one is blacklisted. something is not right!