Attachments small...


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The attachments on my forum is showing up too small for some reason and I can't solve it. The attachment size is set to 150x150 px in options


Here is an image showing what I mean :)


Chris D

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I suspect this is a CSS issue. Could we have a URL of a thread where the issue happens?

Jake Bunce

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Your page source contains this:

Which is generated by code in this template:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> attached_files

data-thumb-height="{xen:calc '{$xenOptions.attachmentThumbnailDimensions} / 2'}"
Looking at this it appears that your Attachment Thumbnail Dimensions setting is 37.5. Please double check that setting. And revert the attached_files template if it is customized.

Also, have you defined a cache in your library/config.php file? If a cache is defined and it is failing to update for some reason then that can result in changes to the options not taking effect.