XF 1.2 attachments show as links in thread edit

When i tried to edit a post with a image, the editor shows the attachments in a editor box as a link ( instead of showing the image). It does this on the preview as well. It'll show once you hit save changes. Is this normal function of xenforo.? Especially with resources, if you have alot of images that you can't see during a edit it makes it hard to use.
Hey Jake, when first creating a thread the rich editor will show images which is good. But when i go back to edit that thread it will only show links in the rich editor and bb code editor. So during an edit it doesn't show images inline. Is their a way to change that? Seeing them in the editor makes it a bit easier. I tried it here on xenforo.com and it does the same thing. So basically create a thread with a couple images and go back to edit it and the rich editor will only show links. Appreciate the help by the way.