XF 1.1 Attachments not shown in full screen mode


Hi there,

even though all users have permission to see attachments - attached pics are not shown in full screen but only with a link "Show attachment number XX" - when I click on the link the pic is shown in a new page. I don't have restrictions in the admin panel for attachments so they should be presented in Full screen when this option is selected while posting them. For the record: I use cloudflare - could this be the problem?

The code looks like this:
Can anyone give me a hint why the attachments are not shown full screen (also not as thumbnails) but only with a link? How can I fix this? Thanks!

Jake Bunce

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That's kind of weird.

You had a permission problem in the other thread. This could also be a permission problem, except with the data and internal_data folders. Those folders should be 777 (including their contents).


Strage indeed - Permissions are fine but attachments not shown in full screen. I also deactivated the cloud flare caching to basic - still, only links to the attached pics are shown...

Individual performance settings

Caching level
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Simplified: http://homedesign.de/pic.jpg?ignore=this-query-string
Here a pic how these links look like ("Den Anhang 35 ansehen" means "view attachment 35"​
Bildschirmfoto 2012-07-01 um 15.39.43.png