Browser issue Attachment Uploading Broken


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I can't seem to be able to create a resource with attachments (plugin or screenshots). Whenever I try to upload the plugin zip, I get the screen below (blank bar). I then realized that this happens if I try to upload screenshots here too, outside the resource section.

When I try to upload screenshot(s), I get the notice below.

I tried making the resource internal & free and then as external and $1 but neither works.

Tested in Chromium and Firefox.

P.S. Please also delete this thread from the failed attempt at making the mod:


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are you on a VPN or a proxy when trying to attach images? I've had this when using Squid to proxy to my site.


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Yes, I am on a proxy, but why is that affecting something so high-level? I have no issues attaching things on other software. For now though, I'll do what I have to without the proxy -- thanks!


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This might be a well-known information in SWFUpload

The Flash Player may not properly use proxies. It does not handle authenticating proxies well (if at all) and will some-times crash.
Some anti-virus software uses a proxy to scan uploads and cause SWFUpload to believe the entire file has been uploaded. SWFUpload will fire uploadProgress events very quickly until it reaches 100% and will then seem to pause until the proxy completes uploading the file to the server.



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Users have reported on my install that the flash uploader does not work on chrome on linux

Given that is a very little percentage of my users, I did not care to report this , but if that helps... Well it does not work.