XF 2.2 Attachment types and file extensions

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I think this is a simple question, but I am trying to make sense of how images, movies, etc. are handled.
The option to embed video types has the following message:
The following additional extensions will be available for upload: m4v, mov, mp4, mp4v, mpeg, mpg, ogv, webm, mp3, opus, ogg, wav..
I have that feature enabled, but the extensions associated with those types are not all in the list of extensions.
which includes : mp3 wav wmv mp4 ods odt.
I thought it would be easier to ask here rather than to do the experiment to find all those types and check for behavior.
Are you talking specifically for the XF gallery?

If so, it's controlled in the XFMG settiings under Setup -> Options -> Xenforo Media Gallery

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 6.17.40 PM.png

There is a separate one for audio right below that one

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 6.19.22 PM.png

If talking about base XF with no XFMG, it should be under the normal attachments area.
Setup -> Options -> Attachments

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 6.27.26 PM.webp

Note under the box about video/audio.
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