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Search for "attachment thumbnail" but didn't find anything relevant

Would there be a thumbnail for each file type attached to a post? So if we upload 20 files of pdf, xls, doc, zip, txt, and each attachment has a different thumb for the type of file, it will be much easier to find the type you want to use.

Right now, they all look the same (point to forum/styles/default/xenforo/widgets/page.png) and we have to read the title of the file to figure out.


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me too, attachment icons seem like a must.

the extension doesn't seem to be stored by itself so it's more than just a template edit. will have to strip it off the filename.


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I know Kier has mentioned attachment type icons in the past, specifically .zip files.

I expect it's on the to do list.
Do you know what happened to this todo list item?
I have posts where there are a dozen or so file attachments, some are more important than other and it's almost impossible to glance and see the file type right away.

In this screenshots, I have source code cpp and I have reading materials in pdf files. I want the members to download the PDF files first, read it and then download and run the code.

steven s

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I just uploaded an xls file to one of my forums and was surprised not to see the excel icon.
Looking forward to seeing this in the future. I hope.


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I've tried to achieve this and I think it works..

This can be done using a code event listener and writing each of the extension types classes in EXTRA.css template:


There is no need to edit templates..
Just add the classes of each extension with the background image. I am trying to make it works when someone upload and the file show in the editor.