Atheist & Agnostic Forum

Biggest A and A discussion out there is on Reddit....pretty funny stuff.

In some ways, talking about A&A is against my religion (which is really no religion)...that is, there is hardly a reason to try to convince anyone of anything...
That is such a stupid subreddit to follow. Just a bunch of people circlejerking and disrespectfully bashing "Christianity" (in reality, a lot of the bashing is at Christianism, but never mind that) while this guy wants to have a forum for Atheists, more like /r/realatheism

Mind you, I'm an Agnostic.


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In their defense, some subreddits are nice, and there's still way less memespouting outside /r/adviceanimals than there is in some other places (*Cough* 9GAG *Cough* Funnyjunk *cough*).

Forum looks pretty neat though. Love the background image. :)