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Magic !
Can you post here a photo of the material you used for this kind of photo ?
What I'm currently using to capture (the guide camera is not in place on this image)
William Optics ZenithStar 103mm primary
William Optics 50mm guide scope (ASI 290mm camera used as guide camera)
Raspberry Pi running Stellarmate OS for mount, camera, focuser control).
ASI533MM Pro camera with 8 position filter filled with LRGB and SII, OIII and Ha filter.
EQ35-Pro mount


That exposure was from data set of 8@240 seconds of Luminance then 6@240 seconds of RGB and the Ha, SII and OIII filters then stacked with no further processing.
I'm still a RANK beginner and have yet to figure out how to get the high dollar software I purchased to "show" color yet.

Tracy Perry

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Found a fun target.... except for having to be up at 4am to capture it locally. M81 & M82 (Bodes Galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy). I get about 1.5 hours to capture it before the sun starts ruining the sky.


Have several members that put my stuff to shame though.... I'm to busy capturing data and working on tweaking the site to learn the software to process it into color.

Have done some tweaking to XFMG to use fields for certain aspects of the capture that most want to know, and have it displayed below the description.


I've added Bob's Link Directory to the site now also... didn't realize how handy it could be for a site like this.
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For work I accompanied people around Europe. (tour buses)

When some school or organised group went to astronomical observatories or some scientific site (e.g. the C.E.R.N in Geneva), and I had to accompany them, I was as happy as a child.

Maybe it was the 30th time I had gone to these places, but each time it was as if it was the first, I would line up with the group, so that I could see through the telescope, listen to the lectures and take the guided tours of the facilities.

Science in general, and space in particular, have always fascinated me. In the country where I was born, unfortunately, I did not have these opportunities, but I had the great fortune to go there for work.

I remember my colleagues who always slept on the bus and were not in the least interested in visiting these places.

So nice site and I wish you all the best with your community