XF 1.4 Assistance required following import.

I imported from vb3.8 to XF.

My vb install was in http://dreadnoughtforums.com/dnf
My XenForo install is in http://dreadnoughtforums.com

I downloaded the package for redirecting and edited the 301config file to include the full path to the XenForo directory and also defined my import log table from MySQL.

The redirect only part works.

If I click a link, example in this tweet: https://twitter.com/Dread_News/status/574983461938798592 I am redirected to the home page, not the relevant thread.



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Redirecting to the root almost certainly means that the 301 config file isn't pointing at the correct import log. Are you sure you set that correctly? You may have archived the log to archived_import_log (the default suggested name).
Hello Mike. This is taken from the 301 config file:

define('IMPORT_LOG_TABLE', 'xf_import_log');

I have just checked the xf_import_log table, however, and it appears to be empty!


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That would imply that you chose to archive the table at the end of the import (it's presented when completing the import and is generally the recommended approach). Do you have an archived_import_log table?
I do. Thanks. I have changed the 301 to point to archived_import_log. THANK YOU.

I had to clear my cache but then it worked just fine. (Y)