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XF 1.4 Assign A Random, Non Recurring Set Of Numbers Based On Trophy Points?


Well-known member
We run giveaways based on users trophy points, for every 1000 trophy points users earn "1" ticket. The ticket is a random number which shouldn't repeat (at least shouldn't repeat in the same giveaway).

So I was wondering, can I set up a page or create a BBCode so that I can automate this process? Currently we assign the tickets manually, but it would be better if say user clicks a link and it automatically generates the tickets for them (which they can then copy and store for their reference or it stays on the respective page/post).

In-case of a BBCode using that code should generate random numbers which shouldn't repeat based on the trophy points. In-case of a page, maybe if they visit the page they automatically see a random set of numbers for their account which they can copy and save?

Thank you in advance!


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I'll be honest, I mentioned without the slightest knowledge of functionality. Never researched it, knew it by name only.