XF 1.4 Assiging Users Awaiting Approval group access

Is it possible to approve new users and assign them to one or more groups at the same time?

In User Awaiting Approval I only see approve/reject.

And in Search or Batch Update Users I only see assign to groups.

There's no interface I can find that does both approve and group assignment.



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You're correct there's no interface that does both, but I'm not sure I see the benefit exactly, though it depends what the approval situation is. If you want to apply it to every user that's approved (or registered), why don't you set the permissions on the regular registered group? What is the criteria for this extra group?
Thanks Mike.

When I sell a product it comes with access to a specific Node. I've got a few different products like this and separate nodes for each.

So I can't give blanket access to the registered group. I need to go in and manually approve folks to their respective nodes.