XF 1.4 Asking for advice...

I currently have a site up at www.bonsainut.com/forums (a vbulletin install). I normally have 70+ users active at peak times of the day.

I am going to be installing xenForo... and I think I want to install it in the root.

Is there any way I can creatively install xenForo in the root where no one can see the site until it is done? I.e. keep directly all traffic to the old site until I "switch" the site on?

This would require me to be able to access the site in the root somehow - even when all the rest of the traffic is being forwarded to the subdirectory.


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Why not just install it in a subdomain and swap when ready. It would be easier with no real caveats versus trying to work around something odd.
That is what I would LIKE to do... but I'm not sure how to do it. Install everything into a subdirectory and once it was all exactly how I wanted it just copy it into the root? Is it that simple?
Final question.

I have my "test bed" installed at www.wifeofnerd.com

I am installing my final site at www.bonsainut.com

Can I keep the test bed up for 24 hours before deleting it? Just in case I need to refer to something I did there? Or do I need to uninstall it completely before installing it in my new domain?

That's not necessary.
Brogan you DO have to change the board URL in options. There are a few things that still refer to it, so if it doesn't point to the new location in the root, you will get some bad links.

I am specifically referring to conversation emails - the links in them will be bad if you don't update the URL.


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Brogan you DO have to change the board URL in options.
I know.
It specifically mentions that in the FAQ, which I linked to.

What you don't have to do is change it before you move the files, which is what Liam suggested and who I was responding to.
Hmm... I will EVENTUALLY find out something about this software that you don't know... or that you haven't written about in a FAQ. And then I will GLOAT! Bwah hahahaha.... (evil laughter)