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Hi all, looking for your candid feedback, suggestions, tips, tricks, advice, you name it we are open to it! 3 weeks into buying XF, seems to be the right choice. Huge community support, good forums, nice add ons. HUUUGGEEE learning curve for me, starting from ground zero (installing an add n took me 4 hours to learn). lol. Step by step. Lots of reading, you IT folks really need help with communicating clearly lol.
Our forum is using UI.X template, similar to another forum site here below (thank you). We are running some nice add ons (pin posts, change authors, post as, etc), and some security features. Its a day to day learning cycle. We wish there was a "newbie" check list available (e.g., change attachment file size to allow large mobile pictures but reduce pixels to re-size upon upload, change email in main board options page, etc etc) but never mind. Might write one myself.

Please let us know how we might improve our board, we have budget of course, and please convince us to hire you to install add ons, config, some style improvements (e.g., flags next to country name, etc), security features, training, on going support, we will consider everything.

Thank you all, and we really appreciate your advice.



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Hi Gil

Welcome to the XF family. I've had a quick look at your forum and for a newbie you've done a good job setting up.

A few tips:

Until you get more forums for specific countries I would group them together for now on one page as there is a lot of empty space on a number of pages and it kind of makes your site look sparse.

I notice you are giving venues a page of their own; I'd really consider using @Bob add-ons to achieve this - such as Showcase or Article Management System (AMS) at

Asian countries are very colourful, wonderfully appealing to the eye - I'd consider using some more colour in your forum to reflect this to make it look as vibrant as the countries night life. This can be achieved using CSS; temporary changes can be appllied using your browser console and highlighting the areas you want to change. Once you find what you're looking for you can search for it in the ACP and make the changes permanent.

One last thing, and this is purely a personal observation, change your avatar, it's looks menacing lol.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask in the community for help - that's what we are all here for, to get help and give help.

Thank you very much for the input, appreciated. Yes, definitely the forum looks sparse. We set it up this way though, to start adding content and filling it out. We are hoping that before we officially launch, each of the forums & threads will be fully content rich. Some of the content we are doing ourselves, some we are hiring writers. This is a huge task, going to takes us 1-2 months at least, before launching.

Ok, I will look at showcase and AMS. We are going to be launching free classifieds also (buy, sell, rent, etc) so if anybody has an addon for classifieds that they love, please recommend.

You're also correct - we lack a bit of color. I am thinking of adding the country flags to each country to make slight color pop. Not sure how to do this, might be a bit of development.

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Again, thank you.



Hi Gilbreth,

I like what you did - separating each country using tabs. Makes it very intuitive. May I know what add-on you used to accomplish this?




Oh right. Looks like its no longer supported. That could be problem in the future when xenforo or the theme updates.
If I am not wrong, its Xenthemes Nodes as Tabs. Not supported, you're correct. I am looking at another add to replace it, but so far, no issues during the update of XF. Fingers crossed.