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Lack of interest Artificial Intelligent moderation assistant technologies..


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A few years ago I would say this is impossible, but there are already systems that can understand human emotional states. For example "Amelia" is a new A.I. doing help desk work for many companies now. This A.I. is capable of detecting the mental state of those it is conversing with. If the user is approaching a certain level of anger or agitation it can then pass them to a real person.

It might be extremely lucrative for Xenforo to implement this type of technology before other forum systems do. I don't see this technology "auto-moderating" a forum, but I can see it assisting moderators, notifying moderators to a member dust up that has begun or a thread that has gone off the rails. As most with big boards know, the faster a thread or fighting members can be shut down, the less disturbance for the entire board. The A.I. could alert moderators "User x has become extremely agitated and moderators may need to intervene" , "thread x is showing signs of becoming hostile, moderators may want to observe". You get the idea.

Technically I am not sure what system could be used for this, possibly Googles A.I. api or such. Whatever tech "Amelia" is using could be applied to text discussion.