XF 2.2 Article Thread Images Not Showing


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I'm not sure if I understand how the Article's thread layout works so was hoping someone could help me with it.

Last night I converted over a thread to the Articles layout and then used Brogan's style guide to make them into a grid.
I then went into each topic and added an attachment image and included it at the top of the thread. The images showed up without any problems.

Today I set up my .htaccess file and changed my urls to "friendly". I went back to check the articles forum and some of the images were missing.

So, are the images being pulled from the attachment or from the first image in the thread post?


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Changing the .htaccess file wouldn't remove attachments from posts.

The first embedded image will be used for the article cover, which is not necessarily the first attachment.


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Yeah not really sure what changed since I edited the post last night. They worked but now all of a sudden some are not.

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I resolved this issue. I made a mistake in the Setup -> Basic Options -> Board URL.
I had added a /forum/ to the url and the board was installed in the root so it was trying to find images under the wrong URL.