XF 2.2 Article thread cover image


When I use Article with blocks preview, I can see the cover images when I'm offline, but as soon as I'm online they don't appear.
I think the problem is solved,

I switched the thread to standard, then extended and finally previewed and now all the cover images appear well when I'm online and offline.
Online and Offline, when you disconnect on the website.
What are the specific steps we need to take to reproduce the issue?
I simply took a forum that I changed to Article type, then I choose preview style.

When I went to the forum, the cover images didn't appear so I did a reconstruction but it didn't change anything.

So I went out (disconnect) and I saw the images, I reconnected but the images still didn't appear.

So I tried to empty the browser cache but still nothing.

So I put the standard style then I went to look at everything was ok, then the extended style, and still Ok then the preview style and finally it was ok.


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No, it won't be accessible. The difficulty is really that ideally we need to see this happening so we can confirm the situation, as it's certainly possible there's something on the server potentially blocking the request.

In one of the examples you've shown that don't work, are there any attachments? Can you show us the raw BB code of the first post/article? (You can use the "[ ]" toggle to turn to that display. Probably worth sticking the contents into a text file and then attaching it so it doesn't get parsed here.)
I looked at the source code of the Test Server page and all the links have the address of the production server. On this one the images can't be read by visitors.

This is strange since I imported images via the test server but the link points to the production server.

This must be the cause, I will come back to you when the production server updated if the problem is not solved.