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If you read the article here, it's been discussed that having embedded stuff (like instagram) in an article node will not show up in the list of previews before clicking on the thread. https://xenforo.com/community/threads/article-preview-embeded-video.184241/


It's said that we need to do a template edit but I couldn't find anything obvious to edit. Does there need to be an addon for this or is there any way we can do a small template edit to enable embedded content in previews?
Hi John!
Well, I did some investigation. There are two ways to do this:
A) Go to admin -> (sidebar) Forums -> Nodes -> click on the Article forum you have -> change Display style from Preview to Expanded.
B) or, you keep the Display style to Preview, and it is a simple template modification. On template post_article_macros change this:
{{ snippet($post.message, $forum.type_config.expanded_snippet, {
... to this:
{{ bb_code($post.message, $forum.type_config.expanded_snippet, {

Let me know how it goes.

The template edit is suggested to applied via automatic-template modifications.
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Is it possible to have random tiktok and/or instagram videos as a side widget? For example, if I go to Tiktok and type in "chili recipies", I get quite a few hits. Can the side widget just play a random tiktok or instagram video that matches your keywords?
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