XF 2.1 Are we supposed to be able to vote in Solved/Closed question threads?


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If a question is marked solved are we still supposed to be able to vote? (because we can)
Also, this is closed to further replies as well, shouldn't that stop voting?

PS. You should add a 2.2 prefix here. ;)


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In short, yes, you should still be able to vote. The correct answer may change over time. Just because someone (quite likely the original poster) identified what may have solved there problem, that might not even be the correct answer.

If you're comparing to suggestions, the person applying the implemented/closed prefix would generally be a person in a position who roughly has the ability to make a final decision over what they're taking suggestions for (their own website, software, game, etc).


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Okay thanks. BUT there is still a way to close votes correct? The vote action: No, would turn it off? So you can independently close question and thread am I correct?