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XF 1.4 Are these users from IFTTT?

I set up an automated script with IFTTT to post all news in my Twitter feed. Immediately afterwards, I received what looked like a bunch of new visitors who came via the first link posted. But Google Analytics isn't picking these visitors up as people. Is it possible they are part of IFTTT's operations? The stream is constant, and a "visitor" appears to be coming every 30 seconds or so. What do you think?
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If you click on the IP's its going to give you a decent idea if the traffic is from a home ISP or a datacenter. The first guest in the first image is definitely automated.


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True, but the number of users skyrocketed immediately after creating an IFTTT script. The real question: why are there so MANY requests? The script is for an RSS feed—not even the webpages.
But you now have the links posting to twitter right? A second, more known source for robots to get links from.

IFTTT is pulling from RSS to post links, chances are they are not directly hitting the site in any other way then. This is the result of the links posted to twitter. Human traffic or not.

I would look at the access logs for referrer information if google analytics isn't helping.