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XF 1.2 where are these strange image icons coming from ?


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hmm... but the images are actually indeed showing up.
If it would be images for which hotlinking is prohibited, I guess the images would not show at all ?

It is just some additional icon for the same image which is actually showing up. It is the same URL-Link for both the image which is showing up and for the strange image-icon.
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In this case it is an invalid image URL.


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Ultimately this is just a formatting/source content issue.

Just format the content correctly and you won't see those errors.


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is it because of the "File:" in the URL ?

it seems all image-URLs in Wikipedia look like this... ?


It is a long time ago since I came across this, but I think I remember that I copied the text and images from this page:


The image link on that page actually links to another HTML page, even though the URL looks like that of an image file. You can tell because if you visit the link you can see not just the image but text as well


The actual URL for the image file is