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Are there participants of this forum for hire to work for clients?

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Adorer, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Adorer

    Adorer New Member

    Are there people for hire here who work for clients to make the changes and adjustments they want? In one of the forums I am setting up, I want to put a marketplace where people can make bids and/or make purchases and connect it to Paypal. Are there people here for hire to do this and adjustments?
  2. Dakis

    Dakis Well-Known Member

  3. Adorer

    Adorer New Member

    Σας ευχαριστώ, Dakis (thank you). Good to know. Boy, according to the views, I asked THE question of the day.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2014
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  4. Claudio

    Claudio Well-Known Member


    We provide a XenForo monthly maintenance service that covers any customization you need like the ones you mentioned.

    Please read our customer testimonials :)

  5. Rudy

    Rudy Well-Known Member

    I used to, but I got tired of the cutthroat mentality in pricing. My time is far too valuable to take a pittance from someone wanting to pay me $50 for $750 worth of work. That was a few years ago, however, and some of those bottom feeders have disappeared from here (thankfully). I do know that some of the top add-on developers here have a great reputation and release quality products--you'll be in good hands if you choose one of them. Their work is usually worth more than you'll pay for it. :)
  6. Claudio

    Claudio Well-Known Member

    In our case we charge $110 per month and we do anything the customer will need with no limit. We can install 50 addons, configure them, make backups, customize his style, fix problems or improve the security for the same price with no limits. Many customers thanks us because most people usually charge per work instead of offer an unlimited service like us

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