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Are there any examples of sites using Resource Manager?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Jwrbloom, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Jwrbloom

    Jwrbloom Member

    I'd like to see examples of a site using Resource Manager for things like articles, or at the very least talk with someone who uses it to manage content.

    Thank you.
  2. Scharesoft

    Scharesoft Active Member

    Maybe our site will help you. We're a German site with a lot of content in our resource area. The most entries are downloads, but there are also tutorials as you can see here.
  3. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Well-Known Member

    We used to use RM as our article manager. But honestly speaking, that wasn't suitable in fact. At least for our needs. We have law articles.
    Then I rrplaced it with AMS. And members are enjoying since that time.
    To know more about AMS, talk to @Bob
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  4. Jwrbloom

    Jwrbloom Member

    Cool site. I can't read German, but I played Elder Scrolls as a kid. Have fun with it and thank you!
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