Are avatars required?

My current (vBulletin) board (a product support forum) doesn't use avatars, so (1) my users aren't accustomed to them, and (2) most of them wouldn't bother to add one.

I know that avatars are more integral to xenForo, but is it possible to either disable them (and admittedly losing some functionality), or at least make them smaller? (And change the default?)

Digital Doctor

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template edit will do that.
and require them. Is that option available?
No. You probably wouldn't want that. Noting wrong with giving people a bit of time before deciding which avatar is right for them.

Maybe you could setup a cron job where 3 weeks after registering if you have over 20 posts but haven't uploaded an avatar .... a random ugly avatar is inserted.
- a picture of britney spears with her head shaved.
- random pictures of Wayne or Garth look alikes

People will detest their image enough to change it ! :)