Arcade Games Site Domain Name wanted



Well, i want to start an Arcade Site and looking for a domain name now.
I am going nuts!!!
Had a few Ideas but all of them are already taken and now i am at my wit's end.

I need help ;)

Willing to pay.. well i am not rich.... 20€
What i am looking for is a Domain Name that fits any kind of Arcade Flash Games, online. Can be a proper name too
I had...pastime (Gone), ArcadeLoft(Gone), Gamesloft (to similiar to gameloft, quite popular) etc.....

Maybe anyone around here has better ideas then i do ;)


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There are a few interesting ones over at auctions.

Just search for keywords containing arcade, with extensions of .com and search filter by price.

This one: is open to offers. and are available for $10 each.


After lots of brainstorming, quite some good ideas from you, i just found pixelstar what i will use for my upcoming Arcadesite.
Thanks a lot to everyone who suggested ideas in here but dont get me wrong if i am not using the Ideas from around here, also because some names are hard spelling for non english users. Thanks a lot to all