XF 1.5 What happens to paid account upgrades if I change site domain name or merge sites?

Amin Sabet

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I have a site at mu-43.com where a lot of members have paid account upgrades via PayPal.

If I change that site from mu-43.com to cameralife.org, will the account upgrades continue to function as the recurring payments are made, or do they have to be re-done?

Also, I have two other sites, talkemount.com and cameraderie.org, which I am thinking of merging in to cameralife.org. Each of those other sites have members doing the same kind of account upgrades. Is it possible to keep those account upgrades functional through the merge?

In terms of changing a domain name, if you 301 the old URLs across, then I believe PayPal IPNs should follow that redirect and they'll still work. IPN URLs for a particular payment/recurring payment can't be changed, so you need to make sure the old URL works.

In terms of an import though, the recurring payments generally won't work as expected afterwards. You'd need to either manually handle those payments or the users would need to re-setup the payment (as the related data would be different).
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