Arabic Support & Phrases Issue


About the Arabic Support,
In the Far Future ,Will XF has an Arabic Support for it and Supporting RTL .

about the phrases,

What is the Difference between "Sibling Forum" and "Child Forum",
and if there was no difference can you also mention the phrases in XF like the above phrases ((No Difference between'em))



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Another plus one for RTL.

Sibling and Child forums are different indeed. Just check the definition/meaning of sibling and child in any dictionary. I am sure you will understand the difference quickly. :)


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Moved from installation and upgrade problems.

There is already a thread (at least one, I'm sure there are more) on RTL so I will merge it with that.
Hi Brogan
I liked this script a lot of people but can not transport it to and not to support RTL

We wish to support RTL as soon as