Fixed Applying unordered list don't really behave properly

Affected version


Formerly MtoR
I copied the following raw text in the editor and only that:
Corrected bugs:
Phrase xfa_dedf_params missing in changelog
Wrong font selected in default editor font selection list after save
ErrorException: Undefined index: font - library/XFA/DefaultEditorFormat/Extends/ControllerPublic/Account.php:72
ErrorException: Undefined index: size - library/XFA/DefaultEditorFormat/Extends/ControllerPublic/Account.php:73
ErrorException: Undefined index: color - library/XFA/DefaultEditorFormat/Extends/ControllerPublic/Account.php:74

Phrase tweaks to better fit in Overlay

Then wen to try to apply non ordered list on the first bunch under corrected bugs and then on the second bunch below modifications.

In that particular case, it doesn't apply the formatting of the list properly as you can see from the screenshot (first bunch case).

If I add a line of text prior to corrected bugs then it seems to work properly.




XenForo developer
Staff member
This will be fixed at the next roll out. We have to do some pretty significant manipulations to pasted text due to the specific format the RTE HTML is expected to be in. If you notice any issues with pasting (including hangs/freezes while doing it), please let us know.