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I would like the ability to create applications.

So as an example currently on my server my users have to copy and paste group of questions into a new topic, and every single user has to go through this process. What im looking for is a way where when they click Applications it sends them to a Page that already has the Application Filled out with Text Boxes, Drop down Bloxs ECT, kind of like the registration page for XenForo Cept fully customizable!

At the bottom it would have Submit, and as long as all fields are filled in it will send the application to a Predefined User, or Group of users, or Group ECT. :) This could be used is many places and for a minecraft server it would be Excellent! and would save users a lot of time, effort, and confusion (For some...)

It should be Fully Customizable also :p

For Example lets say i have an Application asking for the answer to 1 + 2

1 + 2 = (You could put a drop down here that has multiple possiable answers, or a Textbox and let the user answer anything)

*2+1 = [  ] <--- Suppose to be a text box :P

2+1 = [1]  <---- My Horrible Drop Down Txt Box :P

or Lastly
1 + 2 =
( ) 1 <----- Select a per-defined option :P
( ) 2
( ) 3

There would be no need to have a Right answer Wrong answer setting because its an Application and there would be no wrong answers. There should also be the ability to add Text Boxes in between the questions. For instance in my Application it asks if you have read the rules, instead of them trying to find the link in the middle of the application it would be right there in a Text Box :)

When you hit submit the only things that would be sent to the Admin/Staff that is suppost to recieve the Applications would be Question - (User Answer) to keep it simple.

Thx Ablac!