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Add-on Application System & Stream List?

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Tott3, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Tott3

    Tott3 Active Member

    Hi, i've been searching around the forums for a few days now with no succsess. Tought it's time to make a thread and ask. I'm mainly looking for a way to create the "Apply" tab thingie. :p

    Is there any add-on capable of creating an "Apply" tab where people may fill out a couple of forms to make an application? Or any other way to make this? I'd like an Apply tab where people may fill out their application as said which will end up in a private forum where admins & moderators may read it after they hit the submit button. Maybe an option to this wether or not to show it to "public" users and a poll function where they may vote for the person making an application?

    Also, is there any add-on or any other way to create a simple "Live Stream" tab? Which dosen't require admins to add streams from the ACP. A list of streams.. Something like:

    Streamers name - What they are streaming atm - If possible, if the stream is online/offline atm

    Simply another way of posting streams rather have them in forum threads or taking up the entire front page (Using XenPorta). I'm not very good myself with coding i might should mention.

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