Add-on API actions after User Upgrades


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I would like an Add-On that will create a Google Apps mail account via API once a User Upgrade has been purchased. I can see that the Add-On could be extended to support other API actions for other services once and Upgrade has been purchased.

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Reasoning/Outcome: I have a domain with Google Apps for mail, and allow my users to purchase an annual Upgrade to have an email account of <username> I would like the account creation to be auto mated once Upgrade is completed.

Setup/Config: For a User Upgrade within ACP, define an API action(s) that will occur once the Upgrade has been successfully purchased.

Workflow: The User will purchase the upgrade, and after successful purchase the API action will trigger, completing the action (in this scanerio, creating a Google Apps user account). If a User Upgrade expires, then another API action should be performed (in this scenario, suspending the Google Apps user account). When creating a Google Apps user account, and it already exists (eg. suspended), then it should restore the Google Apps user account.

Is anyone interested in creating such an Add-On?
I like the idea... I just wish I had the time to say yes I'm interested in creating it ;(
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