Anyone watch Supernatural?

The Dark Wizard

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I'm on season 1 episode 17: hellhouse.

What are all your thoughts on the show? I thought it was going to be really crappy but I'm highly enjoying it.


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Supernatural is a fantastic show! I wasn't sure I'd like it but I soon got hooked and now I can't wait for more! The series get better as they go along too.

I've not got Sky/Virgin Media so I've watched them via Lovefilm (in glorious HD too!). Just finished Season 7, now got to wait until they have Season 8 available.


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I've enjoyed the progression from Demons to various other supernatural creatures, and then the introduction of angels into it.......won't go any further incase it spoils it for someone else.


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I LOVE Supernatural... Season 8 airing now... nice to see it getting back to the monster of the week type episodes... can't wait for Cas to be back full time in Season 9.. and there is news of a Supernatural spin off, with the pilot episode being an episode within season 9 set in Chicago.

Adam Howard

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I love the show, but always forget to watch it. I've not be making time watching much live TV as of lately. Will likely need to watch season 8 an 9 on DVD in order to catch up


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I used to love this show just like The walking dead . First few seasons are always great and they seems to lost the track while trying to keep the story together .


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I watch Supernatural too on my local TV (S1 - S2), but then it was banned (maybe, didn't know) because of... I don't know. :(