Anyone using Doubleclick for Publisher Small Business with Adsense backfill?


Formerly CyclingTribe
I've got a question regarding targetting/reporting.

In anticipation of selling ads directly I've recently converted all of my Adsense ad units and target channels into DfP Small Business ad units and "placements" (with the Adsense backfill enabled).

This is great because I can now sell directly when I do have sales and have Adsense fill the spot automatically when I don't.

So ... I've replaced all the Adsense code on my sites with DfP codes and Adsense delivery has continued as expected - great. However I now find I cannot get the detailed reports on the specific target channels that I used to (from within Adsense reporting).

Presumably this is because DfP is now handling the Adsense targeting and delivery, but DfP will only report on the whole of the Adsense delivery each day, not specific "placements".

So how do I get DfP to show me placement-specific reports?

Is there a way to setup "Adsense" campaigns within DfP that will allow more detailed reporting?

Do I need to setup an Order for Adsense and then line items for each "placement"?

If any of you have done this conversion from Adsense to DfP Small Business how did you manage this aspect of the change?

Shaun :D