XF 2.2 Adsense taking over forum navigation.


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A small number of users are reporting issues where when clicking into a node on our forum they are being navigated to an advert, when hovering over one of our main nodes the target url shown at the bottom of the page is being displayed as that of a google advert(example below.), We only have a couple small adsense adverts on our page and they are only viewable by guests.

I have no idea what is causing this and we don't run auto ads etc. but I really don't like it. Has anyone experienced this before/found the root? I have crawled google for a few hours now and im not finding anything.


Mr Lucky

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I had something similar years ago, it was malware on the users computer. They got Malwarebytes and fixed it.

I think it was the same malware that can cause loads of extra ads in Google search results.